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Image by Nick Karvounis

Capturing The Stories Of
a Nearly Lost Generation

We live in the day and age of visual overload, but lost is the art of capturing the stories, wisdom, and life of the generations who have come before us.

At Legacy Lens Media, we are here to change all of that. 

Our Legacy Storytelling Project™ is about capturing the visual and verbal stories of our elders. From our intimate Generational Gatherings™ events to working one on one with your parents and grandparents - we capture the legacy stories of your family.

Image by Vlad Sargu
Nick Austin

About Nick

Nick Austin is the creative genius and heart behind Legacy Lens Media™ and it's Legacy Storytelling Project™. With a passion for capturing people's stories both visually and verbally - Nick knows how to capture the soul, stories, and sensitivity of her clients. 

Through her private client work with families and aging organizations to her privately hosted Generational Gatherings™ events - Nick captures the wisdom of the older generations before it is gone.


Generational Gatherings™

Generational Gatherings™ are private events hosted by Nick Austin. These round table events bring one person from every decade (20s-100s) to share their wisdom, ask their questions, and find the human connection within all of us. 

Both video and photographically recorded, Generational Gatherings™ capture the heart, emotions, and wisdom for generations to come. 

In honor of Mother's Day our inaugural Generational Gathering™ is May 18th 2-4pm in Georgetown, TX.

If you are a woman who would like to be one of the Generations for the May 2024 Generational Gatherings, please complete the form below. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly.



To learn more about our Legacy Storytelling Project and how we can capture the wisdom of your family and organization, sign up for a Storytelling Chat below.

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