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Stop The Scroll + Take The Breath

Great brand photography must be more than a just a great picture. It must tell the visual story of the brand in a deep and captivating way that doesn't just "stop the scroll," but captures the heart and mind of your buying audience. 

Our editorial, visual masterpieces share the depth, brilliance, and richness your brand delivers by filling in the "missing pieces" the subconscious mind needs to speak to the  story of "YOU."


Modern Storytelling Done Right.

Legacy Lens Media is a multi-media agency that specializes in photographic and video storytelling. Whether it is a personal project or a business campaign, we take great pride in producing content that not only looks beautiful but also tells a compelling story. Our extensive experience has taught us to blend creativity with strategy, giving us the ability to tailor our services to each client’s unique needs. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results to our clients on time and on budget.

  • Personal Brand Strategy and Visual Creation

  • Growth Building Visual Storytelling

  • Multimedia Strategy and Execution

  • Influencer, Event, and Brand Exclusive Content

  • Product Shoots and Launches

Nick Austin

About Nick

Bold, creative, and unapologetic, Nick Austin knows how to transform an idea into the perfect imagery no matter the project or medium. 

This England native, Austin's years of international travel, diverse creative methods, and professional experience has allowed her to capture the heart, head, and edge of some of the top entreprenurial, political, and professional figures of today's modern age.


Change Your  Business
By Changing Your Visual Story